Prager et al. 1995

Prager MH, Prince ED and Lee DW (1995) Empirical length and weight conversion equations for blue marlin, white marlin and sailfish from the north Atlantic Ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science 56(1): 201-210.

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Prince el al. 1989

Prince ED and Miyake PM (1989) Methods of dressing Atlantic billfishes (Istiophoridae) by ICCAT reporting countries. Collective Volume of Scientific Paper ICCAT 30(2): 375-381.

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Prince and Lee 1989

Prince ED and Lee DW (1989) Development of length regressions for Atlantic Istiophoridae. Collective Volume of Scientific Paper ICCAT 30(2): 364-374.

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Petrakis and Stergiou 1995

Petrakis G and Stergiou KI (1995) Weight-Length Relationships for 33 Fish Species in Greek Waters. Fisheries Research 21: 465-469.

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Pauly 1993

Pauly D (1993) Fishbyte Section. Editorial. NAGA, The ICLARM Quarterly 16: 26.
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