Kostori 2012

Kostori MFA (2012) Socio-economic condition of fishermen of the Chalan Beel under Tarash Thaha of Sirajganj in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Research Publications Journal 6(4): 393-402.
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Khaleque and Islam 1985

Khaleque MA and Islam MR (1985) The relative use and efficiency of common commercial and subsistence fishing gears in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Aquaculture 6-7(1): 35-38.
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Kumar et al. 1992

Kumar D, Karim AMA and Nandi SB (1992) Fish culture manual: Institutional Strengthening in the Fisheries Sector, Bangladesh. Project reports (not in a Series) No.32, FI /FIRA, Dacca, Bangladesh. 49 pp.

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Kostori et al. 2011

Kostori FA, Selina P and Islam MN (2011) Availability of small indigenous species (SIS) of fish in the Chalan Beel – the largest wetland of Bangladesh. University Journal of Zoology Rajshahi University 30: 67-72. DOI: dx.doi.org/10.3329/ujzru.v30i0.10756

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